All About, Sammyk!

Hullo! i just posted i know, but i figured if someone is going to come across this page i should at least give some details about myself.

So for starts my name, obviously it’s Sam, Samantha, Sammy, Spam… i have so many nicknames i get called regularly that list would draaaag on. So feel free to come up with your own. I am 18, almost 19, (i know i know, im a youngin’)

I am still finishing my grade 12.. long story short, i had school troubles my entire highschool life, so i got fed up, left grade 12 to do homeschool and work full time. Well that didn’t work out well. I ended up quitting my job, and now i am back in grade 12, graduating as a “mature student.” Which means i don’t need to take gym, or home ec, and all that extra stuff. So i’m very happy to say i’ve smartened up (aloooooot) and well on my way to getting my grade 12. An idea of how well i’m doing, let’s just say i used to argue teachers and argue with everyone pretty well just cause teachers suck, they truly do. As well as skipping school everyday, getting a 0 in History, etc. I was a horrible student.

Now, i sit through lunch hour working on assignments that aren’t due for more than a month! I have changed so much! Which leads me to the next thing about my life, i own my own house, with my boyfriend, Jace, of course! 😀 He’s so great, i’ll post pictures of us at one point. We have such the same personalities, yet they’re so opposite at the same time. We both love the outdoors, he’s a hunter, and i went hunting for my first time with him! Booyea! Fshing,  and we both love documentaries! 🙂

We have a cat, her name is Irie. Favourite cat ever, and i have 3 at my parents.. I know, i’m going to be the crazy cat lady when i’m older. He’s a very crafty guy, a handy man, and i love them handy men! I love woodworking, and crafts as well. Except owning my own house, and being jobless at the moment it’s hard for me to even afford groceries *tear*. And i love food, oh so much! We are re-doing our kitchen during the winter,  a project for us both to do. Sanding the old paint off the cupboards and re-painting. Sanding by the way, i love it but, these cupboards are older (old house, duh) and there’s layers upon layers, upon layers. There’s even a really light pink layer. what the..?

Hopefully all goes well! I’ll keep fillin’ bits about myself throughout each post or so incase i missed some important details! Have a good one! (if anyone comes by to see this! haha) Cheers!

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