Coupons for your Significant other!

Here’s a little craft i found on the internet, i think some of you may like 😀 I’m sure you already came across this at some point, but here’s my version, very simple, by the way! If you’re making these for your boyfriend/husband, you won’t need to put alot of effort into them, unless of coruse you want to! But my boyfriend was more interested what was on the coupons then how they looked. Be creative & enjoy!

Here’s what i used, Glue, some thread (optional) scissors, a pen and some string!

So for the first step, i used Microsoft Word to make the main part of the coupon. You can use the clip art that comes with the program or google an image you would like. I googled mine, and added the lines myself, in the way i wanted, feel free to copy mine excatly if you want to save some thinking!

My iphone i used for it’s shape of the coupon, i have photo paper (it’s slightly tougher) for the actual cards, but i printed my photo and lines onto regular paper. So, cut the traced phone out, and use a paper clip to hold that piece onto the photo paper. Trace, and cut! i made 11 or 12, i can’t remember. but you should have 12 regular paper, and 12 photo paper, all cut into the same shape. Glue your regular paper onto the photo paper.

Now, have you figured out what you want to write on them? Here’s some ideas, but depending on the personality of your SO you might want to make sure it will be something they will enjoy. Get creative, kinky, sweet, anything!

Wild Card, i asked him to be nice about it, because well, he IS a guy, and i didn’t want him taking advantage of it too much. I know him and i have ideas of what he would do! Deal or no deal, I thought of myself, i told him he does dishes once, and he would get another wild card. I never clarified on it though, so even if there was one dish in the sink. He would still get the wild card! All about you! We get to do whatever he wants for the day! Get out of jail free! I like this one personally, i think he does too, i gave him 3 uses of the card. When we argue he can tell me to shut up with this card, and i cannot bring it up at all that day. I just have to drop it! Breakfast in bed, self explanitory except i wrote give me a day advance. Servant for a day,  i am still dreading him using this card, that should definitely be interesting!

You can add like i did Sex. Anytime. Anywhere. which is a plus for both of you, is it not? I tried making a few of these to my advantage as well as his, bonus! Good for a bj, good for 2, even? Hey, if he likes them that much, go for it! You can google what else to write if you run out of ideas. There are tons out there! I used string to decorate a little, i did get bored of it fast. Well, more anxious then anything! All that glueing and cutting made me grow more and more impatient! But fix your’s up anyhow you like!

As you can see, i wrote a little riddle on the back. I figured i’d make this fun, instead of just handing them to him. So, i dropped the truck off at his work, and glued the first coupon onto a piece of paper with a note and the first clue. It lead him to the garage, i hid one above the window, and on the back of that led to another, and so on and so forth. My favourite clue was “I make thinkgs go from dirty to clean” sounds simple, no? Well there’s a washing machine, bathtub, a sink. So i used the washing machine, took him awhile to find that one!

So i hope you enjoyed this, and hopefully got some ideas if you decide to try this! As a sidenote, my coupons haven’t all been used. You can put an expiary date on them if you wish, i’m sort of thinking i should’ve doen that, who knows how long this could drag on!

Cheers, and good luck!

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