Byebye Summer..

Hullo, again! So i went canoeing once this summer, i would n’t really call it canoeing,  the water was so low at times we got stuck in the middle of the river! Fishing happened, beers happened. We caught one fish, (let it go obviously) and a giant piece of metal. A four hour ride down the river back into my hometown looked, well like this photo, so many twists and turns, mini rapids and lots of trees. My boyfriend and I, and his friend had great weather, it’s just too bad we didn’t catch any fish.

Overall it was a good day, i didn’t even get much of a tan, which is new to me, seeing as i was in the sun for four straight hours! And usually i tan pretty well… hmm. 

So enjoy the photo! I like this one because of the circle. I was about to delete this (i know, bad bad Sam, never delete until you see it on a bigger screen!) then thank god it caught my eye, because this is one of my favourite pictures i took that day. 😀 Cheers!Image

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2 Responses to Byebye Summer..

  1. Archon's Den says:

    Nice catch. It is a nice photo.

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