Oh no! A fire demon! -iphone

Yeah, do you see it?!  i was clickin away on my iphone this summer, and a cought this skull face in my fire. I’ve heard of people capturing skulls in their fires, but when it happens to you, so cool.  Also, for the pictures i’ve taken on my phone i will write iphone in the title. Just so you know! Hope you guys like it.

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6 Responses to Oh no! A fire demon! -iphone

  1. Archon's Den says:

    Not bitchin’, just another blog suggestion. As others come and comment on your posts, try to reply to all, or as many as possible. It makes people feel engaged, and they will return, and maybe even recommend your site to others. You inspire me toward more short, snappy posts. My yawn-fests stretch over days.

  2. J Pisani says:

    I can definitely see the fire demon. I once saw three skulls in the clouds all grouped together. I really wish I had taken a picture of it. It was pretty scary though. Seemed like some kind of omen or something.

    • samk7 says:

      that sounds cool, were they more clear then the one i got? But, at least you have an image in your mind, i guess!

      • J Pisani says:

        They were so clear. There was a big one facing to the left, a medium one on top facing right, and a smaller one near the bottom, also facing right. I really gave me the “creeps”. I honestly thought I was seeing some sort of premonition or omen or something. I thought that it meant that 3 people I knew were going to…. well, you know. I’d rather not say. It’s so weird that no one else was able to see them though.

      • samk7 says:

        Wow, that is pretty creepy but amazing at the same time. I’m always looking at the clouds to see what i can find!

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