best cocktail ever?


So at my local bar, and i’m sure lots of bars have this drink. You can Get these in shot form or cocktail form. I personally prefer the shots because there is milk in this, and milk and booze i try stray away from. It’s called the Marijuana Milkshake!

Creme de menthe

Creme de cocao



Mix these together, i’m not excatly sure on the measurments but i’m sure you can put it to taste. Try not going overboard with the creme de menthe though. If you know what An Aero chocolate bar is, there are two kinds, regular chocolate, and one with a light green center, minty. 🙂

I’m not a huge huge fan of the chocolate bar , but this drink, is to die for! A liquid chocolate bar, and a must try! Enjoy!Image

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