For the love of.. Flowers?

Yes, i do really like flowers, how could i not? I am a female, not saying ALL woman like flowers. But i find they have this simple yet perfect beauty to them that i just can’t help but take a photo of. There’s so many different types of flowers, and color varietys of them too!

This photo was taken at my boyfriend, Jace’s parent’s house. I was scouting their yard for new photo oppertunity and stumbled across this flower.  They live outside of town, they are farmers, so they have tons, and i mean tons of machines and i swear his dad is a hoarder (not like, crazy hoarding they show on TLC) just a mild version of one. So they have a lot of interesting stuff! Not to mention they’re hunters so, wait until i show you guys what their den looks like.  But that is way off topic!    So just enjoy the photo, and let me know what you all think!Image

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