Lazy day

Here’s my cat, Irie, when we first got her earlier this year we didn’t think of a name for about a week. An official name anyways. We had ukranian names, french names, we were going to call her bullet in Ukranian because she’s well, fast.  At one point we almost called her Black Plague in Ukrainian i think it was, just because it sounded cool in a different language!

But we settled on Irie. And today, we’re all havin’ a lazy day together, besides doing laundry and doing my next craft! She likes sleeping in my bathroom because it’s the only room with the heat on. And that purple carpet she’s under she loves. She loves anything fluffy and soft. She even has her own blanket she always sleeps on. So cute 🙂

And just a side note, my boyfriend loves cold, when we rented a room from his friend our window was open literally all winter. So i feel like i live in an igloo. (Cold is better for sleeping in!) I’m sort of jealous that my cat gets a warmer place to sleep then i do!



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2 Responses to Lazy day

  1. J Pisani says:

    Irie is beautiful. I love cats and I wish that I had one. Does Irie mean something or did you just like the sound of it? I love the black plague comment – so funny. 😀

    • samk7 says:

      haha thanks! It’s actually a type of rolling paper, my boyfriend’s favorite, he used to use them for tobacco. A weird thing to name a cat after, i know, but it suited her 🙂

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