summer breeze, take me away

Ahh, i keep seeing photo’s from summer time and i miss it so much. There were a lot of things i wanted to get around to, or do more of. Fish, shoot, beach, fires. I found owning your own place is real tough work, especially the first year. Not to mention not having enough money to do the things i wanted, most come with driving alot, and who wants to even drive in the summer anyways? Not me.

I can remember those days like nothing, i have a good memeory (at times) and since i’m such a sensitive being, i can’t help but notice how time flew by and that i’m living in my own place with my boyfriend and a cat, i’ve changed my attitude from being the biggest rebel i knew to a much, much, more responsible person. I am proud of who i am today, and i believe i changed when i met Jace. He’s definitely a keeper 🙂 I love my life, even though i’ve lost one of my best friends i had since before kindergarten. But you know what, when she decided to pull “bitch” on me, the last words she said to me were “talk to me when Jace stops controlling you..” And let me tell you, i have never felt so hurt in my life. She was the person to point him out uptown before i met him commenting on how cute and sweet he was, and here she was, thinking he’s controlling me because i stopped hanging out with her so much.

I mean, i understand her point of view, but if you knew how it was to hang around with her, the conversations and the hang out’s were always the same. Cruise around 24/7 in the same small, small, that is near our own, and complain about the people there. I’m sorry, but that is not someone who i would like to be around, so i strayed from her a bit, i tried getting her to do other things; she refused. And there is no way in hell my boyfriend is controlling, i had an abusive, controlling, absolutely crazy first boyfriend whom i dated for a year, my Jace is nothing close to that. He’s calmed me down from my crazy, angry, rebel, partying ways (and no i do not do drugs kind of parties, i drink!) He’s the apple to my pie, and everyday with him is a new learning experience for me, as i am trying to better myself because of him.

I hope you all find someone who makes you want to better yourselves, and i don’t mean in the ways they want, but in a way that will make you give a better appreciation for everything in life, even the bad. It doesn’t even have to be a partner, your family or even a friend you just met might make all the difference in your life. Just look for the signs, be aware of another’s personality, and what they have to offer to the world.

I’ve taken up meditation and have been reading  a lot about pshycology and spirituality. I am absolutely fascinated with the human mind. I always have, i can read people, believe it or not 🙂  I also, i’m not sure what it’s called, premonitions? Well, for starters, the house i grew up in was once just a log cabin. My dad, not too long before he met my mother, had had this “feeling” he was going to win that cabin. So he paid 100$ for a ticket, and sure enough, he had won. Him and my mom added onto the house to make it a two story, becuase they had two kids who obviously could not share a room. And his sister, is the luckiest person i know, she is always, and i mean ALWAYS winning things. So here’s me, i believe i take after my dad’s side more, it is where i got most of my personality from, and ever since i was little there would be something going on and whatever would “cross through my head” without any other though about it, always seemed to happen, and i would never realize it until after it happened. I was always shouting “I SO THOUGHT ABOUT THAT!! It just flashed through my mind and i didn’t think any more of it”  It wasn’t really me starting to think about stuff on purpose. It was like, the thought that would flash through my mind, came out of nowhere..

So this is a little thought of mine today, i always have so much on my mind, and my mind reacts quickly from topic to topic, so i apologize if this is a bit messy. But you know, one thing leads to another. Also, this picture was taken at Jace’s place while he was target shooting with his bow. It is a picture from my iphone, and i know the quality isn’t that great. But a side note: my iphone pictures are because i never took my camera with me, because, my laptop crashed and i had nowhere to view them. So i used my iphone instead 🙂

Cheers, and enjoy!

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3 Responses to summer breeze, take me away

  1. Archon's Den says:

    I see you’re getting the hang of stream-of-consciousness posting. You have a good eye for pictures. Congratulations on turning you life around. Sorry about the friend who is -EX.

  2. Archon's Den says:

    I rushed that comment, and didn’t proofread. “Your” life!

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