Must be my lucky life.

Yes, these are real! I was out having a smoke one day by my fireplace, you remember the fire demon photo? That’s the place! Well Jace was telling me one day about his friend had found a four leaf clover and it took him 4 hours to find it. Crazy.. I’ve never had that much patience to search through clovers. So there i am puffing away at this cancer stick and glanced down at the ground, which is mostly clovers. I had to double check when i saw it. Bent down, and sure enough my wee first 4-leaf clover!

You have no idea how excited i was! Sadly though i didn’t really know what to do with it after, so i put it on our dresser waiting for Jace to get home from work and tell me what i should do! ….it was shriveled 😦 we had an air conditioning in our bedroom window and the cold air got to it. I was so upset! I’ve always seen Jace as my lucky guy, he’s lucky, he’s got a four leave clover on his left side of his chest, and good things have been happening to me since I’ve met him, literally since the first day, which i remember perfectly. There it was in a tiny green ball, and too fragile to try and fix. 

I still kept it though, i have it in a shot glass, apart of our keepsake stuff and shot glass collection (well his) 

This second photo here, is another story. Once again, i was sitting outside having a smoke, this time on my back steps, and again i glanced down looking at the clovers thinking how cool it was i just found one! I should mention this is two days later! Taking another drag off the smoke i look up and around at the scenery, and as i exhaled i glanced back at the ground, directly at another four leaf clover. Picked it up, and this time i was prepared,at the time i was working at a consignment store and they had key chains, clear ones. So thankful i had found them before the clovers so i already had them at home waiting to put something special in it. Viola! My second, and bigger 4-left clover in two days, i felt luckier by the second! So now, that key chain is apart of my keys and always in my purse 🙂

 There is a third story, but no photo, i’m not even sure why.. Anyways, it was two days after i found the second clover, the same thing happened as it did twice before. A smoke, a glance, and bam! 4-leaf clover staring back at me. I wonder why that happened 3 times in one week. Can someone seriously be so lucky? 🙂 Now, i have that clover actually covered with clear gloss onto a piece of board. sitting with our shot glasses and keepsakes. Dated of course. It was probably the best week of my life, besides finding 3 clovers by accident, that week itself with people and my boyfriend and parents and friends had just been wonderful! The best thing smoking as ever got me. (I am proud to say i quit though!) 

Do you believe in luck? Or that we create what we want and what we receive in our own minds. I leave with that, and that will be another topic i’ll have to post about. But, until my next post, i hope you enjoyed this!

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