Lacking, Slacking & photo-graphing

I feel like i have been slacking and lacking, my taking part in this blog, and checking out other page’s. But something i have been doing is taking photo’s. Now this these one’s are from today, from my iPhone. I was driving to a friends house, with one of my best friends, and just had to stop, she doesn’t really understand what i see in pictures, or what anyone sees in photography. So she thought i was kind of crazy when i stopped, backed up and snapped a few photo’s out the car window.

If i see any sort of opportunity  even if i’m not sure i can make it work, i still try, and learn from the shot i wanted, and the shots i got. What to do and what not to do. So i hope you like the photo and feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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2 Responses to Lacking, Slacking & photo-graphing

  1. J Pisani says:

    I am not into photography at all but I know when I like a photo, and this is beautiful. Mind if I use it as my computer desktop? 🙂 It’s so wintery and Christmassy. I know that’s not a word, but you know what I mean,right?

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