Everything is just alright..

It’s true though, everything really is alright. When you realize that, the feeling is so great. An eased mind, relaxed, and seeming to just be heading at the right pace, and you are on track! This is how i feel lately. So thankful! 

I was out for a stroll one day, and everyone in my own knows everyone, it’s sickening most of the time, really. So besides the fact i’m bored with the scenery around town, everyone stares and because it’s nearly impossible seeing someone new in town who will leave you alone, there’s always someone you dislike, or like but just want to get away from everyone; you can’t. 

The photo below is when i went for that walk, and i went during school hours so there would be less people around town. Well i was a little late, and got the buses leaving, and comments about what i was doing, blah blah. Just leave me alooone! But when i took this photo, it reminds me of how big the world is, not just my small town. Every time i take a photo of the river, and block out everything that looks too familiar, this makes me feel like i’m somewhere more special.


So this next photo is still on my walk, just under the bridge i was on in the previous picture. I kinda like this one, my mom seems to really like it 🙂 I was under the bridge now, and there’s a little bit of graffiti, which looks terrible by the way, and i know who wrote everything. Every time there’s some sort of “crime” going on in my town, everyone already knows who it is. Sad really! But hey, i hope to leave this place eventually. There’s a much bigger world out there, and as someone who enjoys photography and my boyfriend hunting and traveling to hunt… well, i think that’s a damn good combination! Hope you enjoy the pictures!


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One Response to Everything is just alright..

  1. krikitarts says:

    Hi, Sam, Very happy that you liked my First Snow post. Your cattails photo is very nice, too. Thanks for stopping by! -Gary

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