The Blues

Well, for the past two days i have been a little down, it’s so hard owning your own place, and my parents help us out with groceries. Hmm, they’re in mexico, we only have deer meat and potatoes. Nothing to drink, not a hell of a lot to eat, to top it off our water pump burnt out, and we now cannot boil water to drink in tea. 

Bills are a lot lately, and i’m jobless. My boyfriend is stressing out so bad with Christmas and bills and now a new pump to pay for. It’s taking a toll on me, sometimes life gets you down. But on the plus side; the very bright side! We just got our Tea from David’s Tea in the other day, Blueberry Jam, Pineapple Oolong, Fantasy Island, Bear Trap and Jessie’s Tea (my personal favorite by the way.) We received two free tea tins (score!) and we got an infuser, steeper..? The one that looks like a clear teapot almost.  It’s organic tea mostly, delicious. I mean, so.freakin.good. But that can be another post. Also on my bright plus side i got a job offer! Sorta. It’s about 15 min away in the next town and i have no vehicle. My boyfriend’s friend works there and texted me asking if i was looking for a job. Uhm, YES! So he said all i needed was to hand in a resume and i was pretty well good to go! He gave a good word for me and said i’d more than likely get the job. Pretty awesome right? I just need a vehicle to use, i wish ours would run.. 

Oh oh, and i’ve been keeping myself fairly motivated to exercise. I’m honestly noticing a small difference already, and i only work out for 30 minutes a day! Maybe that can be another post. All about my exercise! Maybe one day!

So there are good things happening still that keep me from going totally into a slump, and the exercise and somewhat healthier eating we’ve been doing  is helping. And the tea! Mmm, the tea is the best part! The tea in this photo is called Mountain Oolong,  here is the description for the tea, “.. it is grown in the Taiwanese mountains, where cool morning dew is quickly dispelled by hot sun, creating a leaf that is richly flavorful. To release these precious oils, it’s rolled and partly dried over and over again in a meticulous, handmade process requiring a tea master. So delicate, so pungent, so alluring.” Ingredients: organic Taiwanese Oolong tea from Mingjian Village, Nantau Taiwan. 

If that doesn’t sound great then…just try it okay. It won’t hurt you 🙂




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2 Responses to The Blues

  1. Tina says:

    You poor thing! You are roughing it! Is there no buses to take you to the next town? That job offer is one you don’t want to miss. Or a bicycle would do! Either way, best of luck with everything! xx

    • samk7 says:

      yeah, it is pretty tough. We will get through it, though! 🙂
      It’s pretty cold and snowy here, there aren’t any buses that are around here, we live in a small, small, smaalllll town. I don’t even know if we’re considered a town. A village maybe! haha. I am working on a vehicle situation though! And thanks 🙂 Things will work itself out!

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