Great outdoors

Well i haven’t been on here in, a day? Two days? I’m not even sure! I have been so busy!

I love the outdoors, i wish i could live in a log cabin! Oh wait, i grew up in one 😉 As mentioned in my post “all about me” My dad had this feeling he was going to win this log cabin. Aaand, sure enough yes he did. Now it’s a 2 story house with 3 cats and one kid, instead of 1 cat and two kids 🙂 This photo i took during a day of strictly fishing, and beer. Where there is fishing, there will be beer! And these damn things were taking over this one area where everyone seems to catch the most fish. I actually wasn’t up to fishing that day, just hangin’ out in the summertime is good for me. I ended up being the “pliers bitch” someone had a fish, i was there with the pliers. Also changing hooks and such. 

Overall,  great day! Except the way home i picked a shit load off of myself. And i have soft hands so they hurt when i try take ’em off! Oh well!



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