Frosty the snowman


Yes, i know this isn’t frosty, but it is frost! My boyfriend had wanted me to take a picture of it, i told him to point things out to me he thinks would be an interesting photo. Hoping he’ll catch something i don’t. Now, i never really got this to work, long story short, i was under time limit and my camera was on the verge of death. But just for your viewing, enjoy!

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2 Responses to Frosty the snowman

  1. J Pisani says:

    I love looking at frost on the windows. You (or at least, I) can see so many “cool” images in it, don’t you think?

    • samk7 says:

      If i stare at it long enough! But yeah, i love looking at it too! I should make a ‘game’ out of it, see who can find the best image in the frost! And upload other frost photo’s. 😉

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