I’m back; in spirit!

I never really went anywhere, i did try to post whenever i had time, this last weekend and such has been so busy for me! Me and Jace had to go to his friend’s Grandpa’s house to bring him groceries, cook supper, and have maybe a too few many drinks with Grampa. Then, Jace’s family was over two different days, then my family was over, we had our friends come over a few times in one afternoon. and then we had to go to dinner again last night at my parent’s! So confusing. But here i am, back at it. So just to start fresh;  what comes to mind, feel free to share your’s with me as well! 

To start off, i have to say i am extremely happy to let you know my Christmas tree is up. 😀 I kept seeing everyone else’s tree and i love feeling the Christmas spirit, it has felt a certain way to me my whole life, so i have to decorate and have my tree to feel in the spirit! My cat has a tendency to feel the need to climb up the middle of my tree, i don’t know why because she just hangs on and looks around all crazy, by that time i have already yelled at her to get down. I need to get one of those spray bottles for when she is bad. 

tree2012 So that’s my tree, half the lights didn’t work in the middle so i had to stretch them on different branches, then my cat went and wrecked it. Now it is worse then it already was! But hey, she finds it fun, and it hasn’t fallen over yet (bite my tongue.) 

IMG_3759This was my perfect day, my tree went up, a little decor, and a lazy evening with tea,  my  boyfriend and my cat.  Life is well, and i hope you all have a great holiday, enjoy your families and friends 🙂 Cheers! 

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2 Responses to I’m back; in spirit!

  1. J Pisani says:

    We have problems with tree lights every single year. 🙂 Your tree looks great by the way.

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