If only..

If only i could go back, to a time where everything was once perfect. The womb perhaps? I don’t think even being a young child it was all that perfect. I have yet to discover a perfect life, though i’m sure that will never happen. There’s no such thing… or is there? Because things may go wrong in life, life is not perfect, or is it? Life is everything you make it, you expect bad things to continue to happen, they will, it’s the laws of attraction. Does that mean if i expect to win the lottery i will? Maybe, that’s not what they mean when they say you get what you ask for. You do, and you don’t,, but would winning the lottery make your life perfect? Getting everything you could possibly imagine isn’t perfection, nor will it make your life perfect. 

We always have and always will have ups and downs in life, just because we have a rough day, does not make it a horrible life. I do believe that you can be on the right track for your own life, and you can stray from that path, but maybe it’s still the right path, an obstacle in the way, a challenge in life to make you stronger, to help you. I believe everything happens for a reason, and your life should be perfect no matter what.  Until you pay off your debt,  until you get married,  until you have children, until you get a bigger house, a new car, yes those things add to your life, and add happiness to your life, but you will always be chasing happiness when you think like that. Be happy now, not until something happens. You need to take control of your life and be happy with what you have now, and appreciate what you get as each day goes by.

Your life is perfect for you, not anybody else, so stop worrying about other people and think of yourself (to an extent, no need to be selfish..) Your life is perfect for you, everything that happens is for some reason that is meant for you. Whether it be bad or good, be thankful for the good, and learn from the bad.

I write this because i feel like ever since i realized to not worry about the future, and accept my past, and to live for today, not for any other day. If you have something in the future that makes you nervous, worry about it when the time comes to worry, if you don’t have to deal with a nerve-racking situation for a month, worry about it in a month, not before, you add unnecessary stress. I am not happy with the town i live in, the people are rude, and disgusting, not all, but there are quite a bit of people who just bring everyone else down.. But, i have a home with my boyfriend here, my family is here, and they are the reasons i stay, my boyfriend keeps me grounded, my family keeps me sane, my pets have unconditional love for me and my family. What’s not to be happy about? This terrible town i can choose to not deal with, and focus on my family, myself, my home and my relationship; my hobbies, and even this blog. 

There’s too much in life that we should be thankful, grateful, and happy for, why waste time and energy on the things that make us feel down. Life is perfect, you just have to open your eyes and your heart.

Cheers everyone! 


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2 Responses to If only..

  1. kiaman2012 says:

    Well written & for me a wake up call !

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