Life is good; Life is great;

Isn’t it though? I cannot stress how much i am enjoying life! But holy man, have i been off the computer for awhile! Like i said in a previous post i have been so busy, and there was no way in hell i could have gotten the time to write a post. I have been thinking about it. So i guess i’ll start off with Christmas! An absolutely wonderful holiday, first at my boyfriend’s parent’s home, they bought me a tripod, (yes i am behind on the gear, workin’ my way there!) Along with some new frying pans and roasters for our home, so sweet :’) Well not just that, there were other things, a throw (so freakin’ comfy, ahh!) a chocolate orange, my favorite. And a few little things for me and my boyfriend together.

He had his whole family there, and they are Ukrainian, for all you Ukrainian’s out there, i am sure you know how dinners go! 😉 And for those who don’t.. let’s just say, you won’t be able to breath, walk, and possibly talk. There is so. much. food. And i mean like beyond enough. Then desert comes out about 10 minutes after dinner, you can’t even look at food. But, besides getting super fat over the holidays, the food is amazing, and the people are the best!

After 3 days at his parent’s, we make our way home just to unpack and repack in about 10 minutes because my folks were picking us up to head to my Amma and Afi’s house. The Icelandic side! So, the food amount is pretty well the same, but at Amma and Afi’s somehow we started this tradition that we eat KFC for supper. Hey, i am not complaining, popcorn chicken, french fries, coleslaw, gravy, more french fries, buns, and i can’t forget the buckets of chicken! I’m drooling just thinking about it!

I got everything i wanted this holiday, slippers, a new book, a head massager. And i’m going to tell you all that i highly suggest getting one, they are amazing! Better if someone does it to you though.. Money, and a new dress my parent’s brought me back from mexico. Customized M&M’s my new aunt brought from BC.Image

Ah, i love family, they gave my boyfriend 4 hot sauces from Mexico as well, and we all got a bunch of other little things. I was sure thankful for everything i got. I even got a puzzle, i forgot to mention. I do enjoy puzzles 🙂 There is a little addition to my family as well, baby Jacob, he’s only about 10 months and i got to meet him for the first time, what a happy baby! This next photo is my brother, the oldest out of us cousins, and Jacob, the newest member. See how happy he is!


Now this next photo is probably the most meaningful gift i have ever received. My Afi is a very crafty guy, he’s really into woodwork, and i mean seriously fancy woodwork, that will be another post, as well as stain glass creations, this box he made for every woman in the family at Christmas, including my brother’s girlfriend, it was her first Christmas with us, i thought it was very thoughtful of my Afi! Isn’t it gorgeous, and all of them were different, the bottom in the inside is a mirror, and that heart is some sort of crystal, i’m not too sure what kind, i forgot.. I’m so forgetful! But yes, this wasn’t expected from him, and he’s my favorite man in the world, besides my daddy of course! And Jace, i guess i have 3 very important men in my life! Image

Isn’t it gorgeous?! I love it. But enough about that Christmas, there’s one more to go! Grandma’s house, we packed up at Amma’s the next day after an amazing lunch, and headed back home. Grandma’s Christmas wasn’t until two days later, so my cousins could make it out. So for the next two days, Jace and I played his new video game, and digested the previous dinners getting ready to eat more at my Grandma’s. After two relaxing days Grandma’s it was! My oldest cousin on this side of the family is expecting a baby within the next month, so i met his girlfriend and her big baby bump! My Grandma is definitely excited! And holy shit, bring on the dinner, i think her dinner beat the last couple dinners, My Grandma sure can cook! And like i said earlier, desert did come out a little, probably a lot, too soon to want to eat. So, instead of the regular opening presents from everyone, we do a gift exchange, there’s unisex gifts, as well as male and female gifts. We each draw a number, (if we purchased something for the exchange) and then go in order to choose a present. Here’s the catch, the person who is number 2 (and so on) can either choose to pick a random gift, or steal someone else’s. It’s a mean game, i think, but it’s quite fun! Also, once you get a present stolen from you, that person gets to go choose another, just not the one they already had, you only get a present once!

I think it is safe to say me and Jace got what we wanted… and a little more! So first i grabbed this oil burner off my pregnant new cousin, my mom stole the oil burner set and lotions i had, Jace stole a skillet we both wanted from my soon to be dad cousin, my dad had a saw thing (he had bought that gift, apparently for himself!) So my mom took the oil burner from me, i took the skillet from Jace, Jace took the saw from my dad, my dad took the oil burner set from my mom, because i’m such a daddy’s girl he took it back for me, mom couldn’t take it back so she took a bottle of booze, i believe. Then, Jace and my dad traded just because they could. So Dad got what he wanted, his own gift, Jace got his skillet (even though i had it, we do live together!) And i got the oil burner. My brother got a whiskey BBQ set, which comes with a mickey of whiskey, i ended up with that, and some Tupperware from my aunt. I just raked in the goods that day!  I apologize for explaining so much. But i have a lot to say! I’ve needed to write on my blog for awhile! Image

The new oil burner, and my puzzle in progress. 

Now my boyfriend is back at work, i took my tree down last night, did a holiday clean up, and now i’m back into the usual routine, almost, school resumes in a few days! I hope you all had a great holiday, no matter how you celebrate, or maybe you do not, whatever the case i hope the new year brings you all plenty of joy! From my home to yours, happy new year and cheers!


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