Here and there – everywhere

Nature is everywhere! I love it, i love the outdoors, as i probably have mentioned multiple times before. I’m going to share with you a few of my older photo’s from about grade 8 or 9. 

This first photo was in my friend’s car, he was and still is one of my best guy friends, so during one summer we were cruising around, like everyone does around here, it’s pretty well a big thing, there’s not much else to do besides cruise around blaring music with your friends. Which is fairly fun 🙂  I love these flowers so much! The photo was taken on my old Motorola phone, pretty decent quality i think for a phone.. 


This next here is self explanatory; a web. This was at my parent’s house while i still lived at home. When i lived there i had nothing much else to do except go outside for a walk, or a quad ride, or walk around the beach, with a camera of course, i loved it there and i still do. Our neighbors are all cabins, my house used to be included with them, but my dad won the house, and turned it into a bigger home for his family 🙂 This web was outside my bedroom on one of our decks. Taken with my parent’s old school camera. Not even sure what type it was..


Again here, another web, this one looks more “normal.”


And for now, a tree, right by the beach in my neighbors yard, good thing they weren’t home! Even if they were i’m sure he wouldn’t have minded 🙂Image

I hope you enjoy my older photo’s, i know they’re nothing special, but to me they are. Cheers! 🙂

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2 Responses to Here and there – everywhere

  1. You’ve clearly always had an eye for photography. Tiger Lillies have always been my favorite flower – love that shot.

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