Responsibility – help

Here’s the deal, we have an exam that we have been writing literally all week. For day 1, we were writing for 3 hours, reading short stories and answering a 10 mark question about said stories. Day 2, we started a rough draft of what we were to write, about responsibility, we are allowed to write anyway we want, be a column, short story, speech, poem (which is not recommended) and pretty well any writing style you want. I choose to do the blog option, as i was writing to you all, like i am now 🙂 As for today, we had to edit our rough draft, and it was optional if we were to start the good draft. I have two pages and the beginning of a third. I included a quote, i believe i added the information i needed so far, to sum it up.. I wrote how we all have responsibilities as individuals, whether they be the same as the next person, fewer or greater then the next person, but were we missing a bigger picture..? 

Earlier in the exam, during the short stories, there were 2 poems, one was about this man and how he lived and how beautiful the water was and how pure the air had been, how his father passed his knowledge of the land to him, and the man to his children. Near to the end, he adds how the animals are not so abundant… what happens when the last bear skin is taken, he says, when the head of the last animal is mounted? “Take care,” was the last words that spoke to me. Take care of the animals? Take care of the Earth? The land that once was, and now is cities towns and villages? Both poems were to do with Responsibility so that gave me the idea for my written piece. I wrote the responsibilities we have at different stages in life, then asked the question of missing the bigger picture. I quoted about how accepting one’s responsibilities, is how self respect springs up, and maybe we humans as a whole have a huge responsibility in helping the world stay this amazing place to live. How it’s all of our responsibility to help this world keep it’s shape…

My question..I would like to add a little more onto this exam paper, i feel it just isn’t quite finished. So, after writing about teens, adults, children, and us as a whole, what else do you think i could add to add that cherry to the top of the cake? Any idea’s will be greatly appreciated, we are allowed to discuss this paper, so i’m not trying to cheat and use someones full on idea. I need enough to spark my thoughts up a bit. They are there, it’s only the words will not come to mind. 

Cheers! And thanks in advance for anyone who comments. 

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5 Responses to Responsibility – help

  1. Ruby says:

    Spiritual responsibility is a tough theme but catchy since you can show them your mentality and intelligence. Don’t focus on a specific religion though! I wish you good luck on your exams! Happy Friday!

    • samk7 says:

      thanks for commenting! Today was supposed to be our last day, school is cancelled due to bad weather. Good thing? I do have more time to research this! I will definitely look up spiritual responsibility. I have a feeling not many people would choose that to write about! 😀

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