A little relaxation to start the day

Every once in awhile, usually when i feel i need it, i meditate. Before bed, in the morning, in the shower or bath, somewhere i find relaxing, to add to the meditation. I don’t know all the exact types, but what i find helps me feel more relaxed is the binaural (correct me if i spelt that wrong..) guided ones. I tend to have always lacked motivation, i procrastinate, a lot, but when it came to deciding how, when, where, and why i was even going to start meditation, i was quick to think -quick to research. I had to have this knowledge, if something so simple as laying down and focusing on yourself could change your life dramatically, well hey, i was up for it!

I find Meditation is quite like exercise, you cannot expect results after the first time. You benefit, yes, but you will not notice it. I’ve always been a girl who loves to relax, i have high anxiety so any sort of time to myself i try take it. What better way to get that and help with my stressful life, my grumpy attitude and my lack of motivation then to just simply, relax, have some serious me time.

Now, I really do love Chakra Meditations, mainly because when you work on a certain one, you can feel the sensation so well, it’s almost too easy. A chakra meditation with the binaural beats just adds to the experience, and i feel i have benefited from that the most.

Today, i woke up fairly early for a Saturday, Jace had to go to work, so i was up for a good hour. Therefore, a good amount of time before i could fall back asleep, and meditate before doing so. I don’t usually meditate everyday, like i say, lack of motivation, so i do it when i feel i need a little grounding, a little me time to process. So i listened to a new guided meditation i recently came across, the one with the binaural beats, and oh was it amazing! I love it! I had fallen asleep before it ended, but not too much before as i remember i had made it through them all and such. I awoke an hour after falling asleep, i woke feeling a bit stressed from my dream i had though.

I dream of my anxieties, my fears – stress points in my life. It is like the exact things i fear the most,  the things i am too afraid to really even talk about, those scenarios play out perfectly in my busy rested mind. As i said, to process, i have read many people get lucid dreams or more vivid dreams when the wake for short periods and go back to sleep, especially in the mornings.

So waking up feeling a bit stressed, i was almost worried about how my day was going to go because i had this stressed anxious feeling in my stomach. As i laid there, feeling refreshed and awake, not really tired, just anxious, i calmed down and glanced around my room, looking back at what i dreamt, why i dreamt it, and how perfectly it played out. I have also read other’s experiences of getting bad dreams when starting out in meditation. I must add I’ve only been in the on and off (mostly on) routine of meditation for about a year now. Why haven’t i felt this much better when i first started out? Who knows, i was doing it wrong, not enough? There could be many reasons, but it’s best not to even worry. It has, and always was working, at it’s pace, and the proper pace for myself. Now i feel and can notice the huge change in my mood, and attitude. A little of the old self slips out here and there, that’s when it is time to take deep breaths and just let most of these issues go. I woke up feeling so powerful, ready to take on the day! Superwoman is what i thought. I gave my day no thought, i went with things as they needed to be, today worked out, not as i planned, but just how it was played out. The things i planned, baking, writing this almost right after i got out of bed, actually. I’m about to head to bed, maybe watch another movie or two..

I would love to hear from anyone of their experiences they went through, or are going through, or even hope to go through, when it comes to meditation! Hopefully if i turn my “when i feel i need it” routine, into a more steady one, the motivation to get up and exercise will happen! Bad dreams, spirits, let me know! I love hearing and learning of all the possible things that can occur.


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4 Responses to A little relaxation to start the day

  1. adiamondway says:

    I have exactly the same kind of mental jiggery, including weird early morning dreams after meditation. Enjoyed your post!

  2. thowling says:

    I have found that when I do yoga before meditating, it is much easier for my mind to calm down. But sometimes, like you, I wake up earlier or in the middle of the night, I decide to meditate while in bed. If I don’t get up and sit to meditate, I inevitably fall asleep. Every time! I have to confess that even sitting I have fallen asleep and felt my body falling back, so I wake up, shake it off, and try again.
    The best thing is the feeling of centeredness that it brings me. The days feel easier when I meditate first thing in the morning.

    • samk7 says:

      Thanks for sharing, i agree the day feels easier! Sometimes if i do it in the morning, i like to be able to fall asleep during, i feel it has more effect or something!

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