Soup soup and more soup – let the sickness continue

All i have been eating this past week is soup, about two cans a day. I came down with the flu, my eyes burned so bad i could barely keep them open, which meant sleeping all day for this girl, I never used to get backaches when i had the flu, but this time was different. I started out with my back getting constantly more and more sore throughout the day, to the point where no matter what i did, the pain was only getting worse. Then came the fever, and a bad one, along with sinus problems, a slight on and off cough, a wicked headache, and i mean wicked, and a loss of balance and strength. Easily one of my worst sicknesses yet, that i remember. 

My boyfriend, being so awesome, took a quick lunch to bring me allergy pills (he can’t really take lunches, works on the clock) and some other cold and sinus pills. Allergies? I don’t even have allergies. But hey, the pharmacist knows what he’s talkin’ about, and my boyfriend grew up with a nurse for a mother, so i trusted them. Took both pills, viola! Backache – gone, headache – not quite gone, eyes, burned less, sinus issues – better. My fever felt like it was never going down, i had about three different towels with ice, one on my head, and 2 under my back. I guess when my headache finally left, i felt like i was burning right up, not in my head this time, but everywhere! I figure my pain was so bad i never really noticed how warm i was. 

After sleeping on and off for two days straight, never getting a full nights sleep, my dreams were extremely odd.. You know how you can be in one room, then when you walk into a different room the scene completely changes. My dreams were sort of like that, but 10x worse, it was constant changes right before my eyes, and every second something was changing. Then there were all these flashing lights i kept dreaming of that kept me awake. Must be my kind of thing to dream when i am sick with the flu. When i was younger i used to see the same sort of lights flashing that always kept me awake. Anyone else get weird things happen when they’re sick?

This week in school was exam week, and i missed everything, i only had one exam, but boo, i was sick. It was an easy class, Seminar in Business. I hope to start my own business someday 🙂 As of right now, i took both my pills, had a cool shower, put my contacts in since my eyes don’t hurt anymore, and put a little mascara on to help me feel more myself. Nice fresh comfortable clothes, instead of whatever rags i had on before, and some juice and tomato soup with added basil – yum! It is more of a head cold feeling than a fever and body aches. Hopefully no more fever, though i am most definitely not a fan of colds; sickness for that matter. I can do without, i get very upset easily when i’m sick, and i hate being alone, such a big baby, yep. 

What do you guys suggest is best for a head cold? So i can feel better, who knows how much longer this will last. I will probably make more soup and add lots of garlic. My grandma’s cure for any sickness, garlic. Lots of garlic. She told me she eats garlic sandwich’s when she is sick sometimes. Ick, but my grandma always knows the best food cures for anything.

So any helpful suggestions will be muchly  appreciated. I missed my friends baby shower, my hair appointment and an exam because i was sick, i would love to not miss anything else!

Thank you in advance 🙂

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One Response to Soup soup and more soup – let the sickness continue

  1. Ruby says:

    I hope you will get better soon, sending positive vibes! Have a lovely Friday!

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